Off-Grid PV Sizing Calculator

We highly recommend reading through the Off-Grid Solar PV Sizing tech-tip to understand how this tool’s calculations are being performed, it will also give some explanation as to what the tool expects to see with regards to input. While the tool can be used live on our site, it can be edited by anyone, therefore overwrite your information could be overwritten. We highly recommend either making a copy, which you can do so by clicking here or download it by clicking here.

Required fields are all highlighted in green.

When entering your region (into cell B5) if more then one region matches your search term (which is more likely when using a general matching option of contains) you will receive an error of “Multiple Results, Please Refine your Search“. You may need to adjust the matching options, to Match for example, which searches for an exact match.

Select your desired roof angle (the example in the tech-tip uses South-Facing with Tilt=Latitude -15 deg)

Add your summer and winter loads.

Finally, add Oversizing and System Loss Percentage.

If you would like to know how many panels will be required to cover the calculated load, then add the wattage of the panels you will be using.