Powering Canadian homes: Fronius GEN24

With the Fronius GEN24, you can experience the highest PV yields (even in the shade), an integrated basic backup power supply function as standard, and unbeatable flexibility in system design. The award-winning inverter for the home is now available in North America. The Fronius GEN24, which has won several awards in Europe, is a state-of-the-art string inverter that has now been developed for the North American market. Thanks to pioneering technology and innovative design, the Fronius GEN24 ensures the highest PV yields on every roof.

Unbeatable PV efficiency thanks to intelligent shade management
Even with overshadowed PV modules, the integrated Dynamic Peak Manager means that the Fronius GEN24 delivers the highest possible energy yield, while the intelligent and highly efficient MPP tracking algorithm eliminates the need for performance optimizers with this system. Not only does this result in lower costs due to fewer system components, but also minimizes the cost of installation and servicing.

The Fronius GEN24 adapts to all conditions, whether suspended, horizontal, or in a special mounting bracket, and both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its innovative SuperFlex design, the inverter also delivers unmatched flexibility in system planning and ensures the highest yields even on complex roofs. What’s more, the broad input voltage range means the Fronius GEN24 is able to achieve an efficient solar harvest even with different roof orientations.

With the Fronius GEN24, our customers benefit from impressive efficiency and reliability. Our inverter delivers unbeatable energy yields even on the most complex roofs and, thanks to the Dynamic Peak Manager, doesn’t require performance optimizers, even when shade comes into play. This is photovoltaic technology that makes sense for everyone; simple, efficient, and future-proof,” explains Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauss, CEO of Fronius.

We are excited to announce the launch of the Gen 24 from Fronius. Made in Austria, these hybrid inverters offer exceptional reliability and performance, reflecting our commitment to delivering top-quality energy solutions.” inputs Danny Mueller, Co-CEO of Frankensolar. “The Gen 24’s innovative design and versatility make it an excellent choice for solar installers seeking dependable and efficient technology.

Long service life and dependability all part of the package
The inverter performance is highly temperature-dependent, which is why the Fronius GEN24 is equipped with efficient active cooling technology. Thanks to active cooling, Fronius inverters last longer and deliver the best possible performance even when
outside temperatures are high. For PV system owners, this means dependable operation, which in turn guarantees faster amortization of the PV system.
With the Fronius GEN24, customers benefit not only from reliable solar power production, but also from a high degree of energy dependability. Thanks to the PV Point, the Fronius inverter offers an integrated basic backup power supply function as standard. The most important electrical loads in the home (such as a refrigerator) can be supplied with energy via a backup power socket.

Easy installation coupled with ongoing support
Installers enjoy unprecedented ease of installation with the Fronius GEN24. The Fronius inverter is simple to install and connect thanks to quick-acting screws and push-in spring clamps. The generous connection area also offers enough space for any additional components needed in the future.
The Fronius GEN24 is optimally integrated into the digital world of Fronius solutions; whether planning, commissioning, monitoring or service—Fronius offers digital support for every requirement over the entire service life of the inverter. Commissioning has been made particularly easy: it takes place in just three simple steps with the Fronius Solar.start app and a smartphone.

About Fronius

Business Unit Solar Energy
The Fronius Business Unit (BU) Solar Energy, which was founded in 1992, develops innovative solutions that generate, store, distribute, and consume solar energy cost-efficiently and intelligently, all under the motto “energize your life”. Fronius Solar Energy makes it possible to use the sun 24 hours a day, paving the way for a future worth living in, in which renewable energies cover 100 percent of the world’s energy needs. Our solutions are sustainably developed and produced entirely in Europe—mainly in Austria. Fronius Solar Energy has 28 branches around the world and can point to a total output of more than 35 gigawatts of installed inverters to date. Sales are made through a global competence network of installation, service, and sales partners.

We are Fronius.
Over 8000 employees worldwide, a current export share of 87 percent, and 1446 active patents: that’s us, that’s Fronius. Founded in 1945 as a regional one-man operation, we are now a global player—a fact that is impressively demonstrated by our 37 international subsidiaries and our network of sales partners in more than 60 countries. And yet, at our core, we are still a family-owned company from Austria, active in photovoltaics, welding, and battery charging technology. We have always developed products and solutions for a future worth living, offering our customers an all-in-one package in the process: from advance planning and consulting to ongoing monitoring and a repair service tailored to their specific needs. We are innovative. We are curious. We are Fronius.

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Founded in 2011 as the Canadian branch of a European solar powerhouse, they’ve helped harness countless sunbeams for over 10,000 projects coast to coast. With a mission to place solar on every rooftop, Frankensolar Americas boasts top-tier brands, from Longi, Fronius, SMA, Roof Tech and more. With the best solar expertise, support, and engineering team, Frankensolar ensures that solar energy in Canada grows and thrives, and is easily accessible.
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