Solar Adoption for Canada: Frankensolar’s Installer Referral Program

Frankensolar, a prominent player in the Canadian solar market, aims to increase the accessibility of solar energy for homeowners through their Installer Referral Program. This program simplifies the process of adopting solar power and eliminates complexities associated with installation. By facilitating connections between homeowners and trusted installers, Frankensolar is making significant contributions to the solar landscape in Canada.


Where can I find a Local Solar Installer?

If you are looking for a reliable local solar installer, you can request a referral through Frankensolar’s Installer Referral Program here: Find an Installer

This program enables homeowners to connect with experienced installers who specialize in renewable options. By streamlining the search process, homeowners gain access to qualified professionals who can bring solar energy to their roofs.


How does the Installer Referral Program benefit installers?

The installer referral program helps expand installers’ businesses by connecting them with homeowners who actively seek renewable energy options. By participating in the program, installers have the opportunity to grow their client base and contribute to a greener future by providing renewable energy solutions.


How does the Installer Referral Program benefit homeowners?

As the demand for sustainable energy solutions increases among Canadians, Frankensolar’s Installer Referral Program offers homeowners access to information, education, and trusted professionals. By simplifying the path to solar adoption, Frankensolar empowers individuals to embrace clean energy while working with reputable installers, ensuring peace of mind throughout the process.


Frankensolar’s mission:

Frankensolar has a mission to put solar on every rooftop in Canada. Through their Installer Referral Program, they are taking a significant step towards achieving this goal. By simplifying the adoption process, providing reliable resources, and connecting homeowners with reputable installers, Frankensolar is accelerating the transition to clean energy and contributing to a brighter and more environmentally conscious future.