• Can a Pylontech US3000C be used below the freezing point?

    You might be able to discharge energy that is stored in the battery modules down to a lowest temperature of -20deg C. You can NOT recharge the battery until its core temperature is above 0deg C. We recommend proper insulation and access to a heat source to keep the batteries above 5deg C for best performance.

  • Can the Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box Quattro or Duo be used with a Fronius Symo 3phase inverter?

    Yes, generally the Fronius Rapid Shutdown boxes can be used. However, the Quattro and Duo rapid shutdown boxes are only certified up to 600Vdc.

    Stringing of the solar array will be affected and only 600Voc compatible designs are possible. This might affect the maximum output power and compatibility to specifically larger inverter power classes. We do not recommend this operation.

  • What is the difference between a Fronius Symo Advanced Lite and a Fronius Symo Lite inverter?

    The Fronius Advanced inverters have a Sunspec Rapid Shutdown transmitter built in. The inverters can then be used with Sunspec compliant

    Rapid Shutdown devices like the APsmart RSD-S.

  • What is the maximum solar PV amount that can be connected to a SMA SunnyIsland system?

    For each watt of continuous AC output power, you can AC couple up to two watts of solar inverter capacity.

    E.g. A split-phase system of two SunnyIslands has approximately 12kW cont. Therefore up to 24kWac of solar inverter capacity can be AC coupled.

    This would be e.g. 4pcs SMA SunnyBoy SB6.0-1SP-US-41. You can also DC:AC oversize the inverter to accommodate a DC size higher than 24kW.

    With a DC:AC ratio that is common and recommended for larger Off-Grid systems of approx. 1.5:1 you could go to ~36kWdc on the inital 2x SI6048.

  • How many SMA SunnyIslands do I need for a 120/240V split-phase system?

    Each SMA SunnyIsland SI6048-US is providing one 120V phase. Together two SI6048 units create a true 120/240V system.

  • What communication methods can the SMA SunnyBoy be connected to the internet with?

    The SMA SunnyBoys can be connected with its integrated WIFI or via one of the two Ethernet ports in the connection compartment.

  • What Rapid Shutdown System can be used with the SMA SunnyBoy inverters?

    SMA SunnyBoy SBx.x-1SP-US-41 inverters have a Sunspec Rapid Shutdown RSD transmitter built in.