PowerRack 48/14

PowerRack 48/14

Project Details

Project Size: 14kWh
Inverters: Schneider – Conext XW Pro 6848 Hybrid Inverter
Battery: Pylontech – US3000C

Project Type

  • On-Grid
  • Off-Grid
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Battery Backup
  • Energy Storage

Project Description

Hanna Energy presents the PowerRack 48/14 ESS, meticulously crafted to ensure optimal energy security. The Schneider Conext XW+ empowers them to unlock Schneider Electric's potential, reaffirming their commitment to quality and innovation. The PowerRack 48/14 ESS addresses residential, small commercial, and off-grid needs. With impressive power ratings and 2X surge capability, it offers reliable backup power and off-grid performance. It seamlessly integrates with solar and storage configurations, functioning as a standalone backup power system.

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