Talbot Trail Public School

Talbot Trail Public School

Project Details

Project Size: 197,00 kWp
PV Modules: CS6X-310P
Inverters: Fronius Symo
Racking/Mounting: KB Racking

Project Type

  • On-Grid
  • Commercial

Project Description

Talbot Trail Public School's solar initiative embraced cutting-edge technology to maximize energy efficiency and sustainability. The project featured the implementation of KB Racking for secure solar panel placement, ensuring optimal sunlight capture. This setup included CS6X310W-P modules, renowned for their high-performance capabilities. To convert generated DC electricity into usable AC power, the project integrated Fronius Symo inverters, known for their efficiency and advanced functionality. By synergizing KB Racking, Fronius Symo inverters, and CS6X310W-P modules, Talbot Trail Public School's solar venture not only exemplified environmental consciousness but also demonstrated how technological innovation can pave the way for a greener future.

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