Glenwood Public School

Glenwood Public School

Project Details

Project Size: 171,00 kWp
PV Modules: CS6X-305P
Inverters: Fronius Symo
Racking/Mounting: KB Racking

Project Type

  • On-Grid
  • Commercial

Project Description

Glenwood Public School embraced forward-thinking sustainability with its solar project, showcasing the implementation of cutting-edge components. The initiative seamlessly incorporated KB Racking for secure solar panel installation, expertly positioning the CS6X310W-P modules known for their high efficiency. Fronius Symo inverters were employed to efficiently convert DC electricity to usable AC power, renowned for their reliability and advanced features. The integration of KB Racking, Fronius Symo inverters, and CS6X310W-P modules highlighted Glenwood Public School's dedication to a greener tomorrow, setting a commendable standard for environmentally-friendly energy solutions.

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