Bellewood Public School

Bellewood Public School

Project Details

Project Size: 160,00 kWp
PV Modules: CS6X-305P
Inverters: Fronius Symo
Racking/Mounting: KB Racking

Project Type

  • On-Grid
  • Commercial

Project Description

Bellewood Public School demonstrated its strong commitment to sustainability through an innovative solar project, featuring cutting-edge components. The initiative seamlessly integrated KB Racking for secure solar panel placement, optimizing the positioning of advanced modules. These components, known for their high performance, were complemented by a sustainable energy solution provided by Fronius Symo inverters. These inverters, celebrated for their efficiency and reliability, effectively converted DC electricity into usable AC power. By harmoniously combining KB Racking, Fronius Symo inverters, and advanced modules, Bellewood Public School's solar project showcased their dedication to a greener future, serving as an inspiring model for sustainable energy adoption.

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