73kW DC Kasabonika Commercial Install

73kW DC Kasabonika Commercial Install

Project Details

Project Size: 73kW DC
PV Modules: LONGI 455M
Inverters: Fronius Symo Lite
Racking/Mounting: Kinetic Racking

Project Type

  • On-Grid
  • Commercial

Project Description

In the remote region of Kasabonika, where traditional road access is absent and the project's uniqueness prevails, Alternative Power International showcased their expertise in a remarkable solar installation endeavor. With a capacity of 73kW DC, the project brought sustainable energy to this commercial space, standing as a testament to both innovation and efficiency. The installation was completed within a mere three days, an achievement facilitated by the project's strategic planning and execution. Notably, the deployment of Fronius Symo Advanced 12.0-3 208-240 Lite inverters, a remarkable feat, ensured efficient conversion of DC electricity to usable AC power. The project further harnessed the power of LONGI 455 modules and Kinetic racking, solidifying its commitment to cutting-edge technology. By overcoming transportation hurdles via an ice road, this installation not only exemplifies sustainable energy progress but also highlights the collaborative efforts of Alternative Power International in bringing greener solutions to unconventional locations.

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