390,000 kWh Silent Aire P9 Project

390,000 kWh Silent Aire P9 Project

Project Details

Project Size: 390,000 kWh
PV Modules: QCells - Q Peak-Duo
Inverters: Huawei KTL Three-Phase

Project Type

  • On-Grid
  • Commercial

Project Description

The groundbreaking Silent Aire P9 project, situated in Nisku, Alberta, showcases a remarkable feat of clean energy innovation and sustainability. This solar installation venture, driven by a desire to diminish customer electricity and demand billing charges, entrusted every aspect of its realization to the capable hands of Inferno Solar. With 1,160 Hanwa Q Cells solar modules at its core, the project annually generates an impressive 390,000 kWh of clean energy. Inferno Solar took charge of all design, procurement, construction, and commissioning aspects, ensuring the project's seamless execution. Leveraging their expertise, the team increased the number of panels by over 50% and meticulously mounted them flush to the east and west-facing roof. This visionary design not only satisfies up to 25% of the tenant's yearly electricity needs but also makes a substantial contribution to offsetting carbon emissions. Moreover, it serves as a beacon, attracting both customers and employees while establishing the business as a pioneering force in the clean energy revolution.

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