1.125 MW DC Oshawa Commercial Project

1.125 MW DC Oshawa Commercial Project

Project Details

Project Size: 1.125MW DC
PV Modules: Canadian Solar CSI 450W Mono
Inverters: Canadian Solar - CSI-185/125K-T600
Racking/Mounting: TerraGen Racking

Project Type

  • On-Grid
  • Commercial

Project Description

In the sun-kissed town of Oshawa, Ontario, colossal solar installation, boasting a size of 1.125 MW DC, graces the landscape, illuminating a path toward sustainability. At its heart lies, 2 powerful CSI-125K-T600 and 3 steadfast CSI-185-T600 inverters takes place. These technological titans, supplied by Frankensolar, breathe life into the project, channeling the sun's energy through Canadian Solar 450 monofacial solar panels. Together, they illuminate not only the landscape but also a greener future for generations to come.

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