Fronius – Canada’s most trusted Solar Inverter Brand

Fronius has a passion for new technologies and intensive research and revolutionary solutions have been shaping the Fronius brand since 1945. The Solar Photovoltaic Inverter Division was established in 1992 and Frankensolar Americas has sold Fronius Inverters since then. Fronius inverters such as Fronius IG PlusFronius Primo, and Fronius Symo have become household names in Canada and across the globe.

As an Austrian Company, Fronius inverters are all Made in Europe which allows for close supervision and quality control.

The Fronius Headquarters is based out of Mississauga Ontario and has been located there since 2007. With a Customer Support Help Line located in Canada getting assistance with potential issues is quick and painless. Currently Fronius Canada employs 35 employees through its Solar and Welding Divisions.


Fronius Products