Are you ready for the Energy Transition?

Energiewende” is a german term that describes the energy transition the world is going through at the moment as we are switching from traditional fossil fuels to sustainable renewable energy. Companies are committed to the goal of gaining distance from the conventional energy industry. REFUsol too would like to make its contribution to producing clean electricity in order to reduce environmental pollution to a minimum. This idea forms the basis for REFUsol: solar solutions characterized by durability, reliability and sustainability.

REFUsol in Canada and the United States focuses on small and large 3-phase commercial inverter solutions using a hybrid “String-Central Concept“. This concept is ideal to reduce system losses and costs while improving performance and reliability. Frankensolar Americas is happy to be the exclusive distributor for REFUsol in Canada.

All REFUsol inverters are MADE IN EUROPE

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APsystems offers advanced, powerful solar microinverter technology for residential and commercial systems. The APsystems microinverter solution combines highly efficient power inversion with user-friendly monitoring to bring you reliable, sustainable energy. Our proprietary system architecture increases solar harvest and ensures maximum output for PV arrays, and our strong commitment to Research & Development continues to bring new technologies and products to the marketplace.

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SMA America has the most extensive range of Solar Inverterers and Accessories in the Industry.

SMA has been in business since 1981 and is considered the number one Solar Inverter Company in the world. Products such as the SMA Sunnyboy (for residential solar), SMA Tripower and Core 1(for commercial solar), and SMA Sunny Island (for AC coupled offgrid solar) have been  generally accepted as leading the Solar Industry in inverter technology over the last decade.

Top Quality is something SMA stands for and while most of its competitors are Made in China or other Asian Countries, SMA after almost four decades in business is still having its inverters Made in Germany.

Plant monitoring and visualization products as well as energy management solutions  are also part of the SMA Portfolio.Additionally to this, SMA customers worldwide benefit from a comprehensive list of services: support in installation and commissioning of PV plants to quick and uncomplicated device replacement service across Canada, and the free SMA Service Line for technical questions.

SMA America, throug its SMA Authorized Distributors, provides training for plant planners, installers, electrically qualified persons and anybody interested in solar power in seminars as part of the SMA Solar Academy. If you are interested in taking part in any training please contact Frankensolar Americas today.

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