APS QS1/QS1200

The APsystems QS1 is a grid-tied microinverter with intelligent networking and advanced monitoring systems to ensure maximum efficiency. High efficiency, high reliability of the QS1/QS1200 with 4 independent MPPT inputs, Maximum AC output power reaching 1200W. Quarter the inverters and quarter the installation means real cost savings for residential and commercial customers.

Feature Overview:

  • Dual-module Inverter
  • New APS Y2 trunk cable
  • 1200W continuous
  • 60 and 72cell modules
  • max Isc: 15A
  • Vac: 240V
  • Iac: 5A
  • Canada: 3 units per trunk cable
  • Breaker size for trunk cable: 20A
  • Zigbee Communication

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