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Frankensolar is proud to present P.L.U.S workshops.

After over 20 years in the solar industry we have learned above all that only correct installation can ensure the optimum results from the entire PV system.

We have developed our P.L.U.S program to ensure just that. Perfection.

The seminar program "Frankensolar P.L.U.S." (Personal Learning & Up Skill) - Offers you – our partners – the opportunity to take part in a range of seminars to stay on the ball. Together with our experience, this guarantees an unparalleled advantage.

Examples of past workshops:

Mississauga ON facility - SMA Products for the "New" market

SMA Sunny Boy Transformerless Inverters - The height of efficiency

Inverters with the highest in class efficiency for the New Non Domestic Content Ontario Market

Sunny Boy TL-22 Inverters with "SPS"- The new era in backup power from Grid inverters, without battery

Industry first Inverters with "Secure Power Supply". Learn how this new innovation will allow power from the PV array without battery, during a power failure

Non Domestic Content MFIT - The WHAT and the HOW

What PRODUCT is going to be available to me from Frankensolar?

Inverters, Modules, Mounting for the New Non Domestic Content Ontario Market

How can I work with it best?

What design and costing flexibility will I now have at my disposal?