Housing Co-Op

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A housing co-operative required a solution to be implemented over a large range of buildings, roof orientations and tenancies within the Co-op. Frankensolar was engaged to complete the task of a combined generation facility totalling over 1 MW of PV power generation.

The tenants feed power from the plant to their site as a collective consumer, individually metered. The Feed-in-Tariff offsets the energy costs and has enabled grid parity at the site.

Key information

  • Centralized control and management of 40 individual projects
  • Individual roof orientations on existing buildings
  • Provides even distribution of daily energy and load relief to the utility networks


  • Planed PV distribution network over multiple projects of a developer
  • Decentralised energy exactly where it is consumed
  • Minimal interference to the tenant with rapid, well managed construction
  • Grid parity between solar electricity costs and electricity costs has been reached