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Frankensolar puts its clients first.

Our Project Management division is no different in this approach. Our team’s core competency in Renewable Energy, specializing in
Photovoltaics, puts us at the top of the list as your partner.

Each Project must be individually considered, with the customer needs held in the foreground, here we apply our many years of experience in design, supply and development of PV projects - from planning to “Turn-Key” handover. In this way we are true to our motto `One Partner, Many Solutions’.

Frankensolar Project Management Services:

  • PV Panel layout
  • System engineering
  • Shading Analysis
  • Energy yield forecast
  • Financial analysis
  • Job costing
  • CIA Application
  • OPA microFIT / small FIT Application
  • Procurement Plan
  • Commissioning Plan
  • O & M
  • Project Schedule and Supervision
  • Project Financing
    • Construction Phase
    • Long Term Debt

Recent project case studies:

  • PV Power for Co-operative, Employee Investment
  • Agricultural application encompassing PV to enable roofing renovation investment
  • Solar Generation coupled with Power consumption control in a SME/ Commercial application
  • Co-operative Housing development application of Photovoltaic Power System
  • Self-Consumption of Solar Electric Generated “Green” power
  • Utility Scale Solar Generation Facility
  • Installation of modules in an East by West ground mounted orientation for minimal land use
  • “Peak Lopping” via PV power Generation easing grid load