The ideal combination of monitoring device and evaluation platform.

For every plant size, one or 100 plants, residential, commercial or utility scale.

More functions, more comfort, more colors:


  • Solar-Log 300 – an all-round talent
  • Solar-Log 1200 – mid-range device
  • Solar-Log 2000 – a professional high-end device

Brochures and technical information is available for download HERE


Solar-Log (by Solare Datensysteme GmbH & founded 2007) is a market leader in the field of solar monitoring.

The recognized specialists in terms of inverter-independent monitoring systems - "Made in Germany" - Solar-Log is based on the combination of: the Solar-Log ™ monitoring device, available in three options to suit each application from a single inverter to utility scale plant monitoring, and the evaluation platform using Solar-Log ™ WEB.

Installers, consumers and plant managers may monitor multiple PV plants across multiple inverter types. multiple installation locations and all through a single, "self branded" web portal.

Vendor independent and professional monitoring worldwide
The Solar-Log ™ Monitoring System monitors over 610,000 inverters in more than 65 countries  with a total capacity of approximately 4.3 gigawatts. Thus, Solar-Log is the leading provider of monitoring to the photovoltaic industry. In order to maintain this position and to expand steadily, SDS continuously brings new products to market, further demonstrating the high degree of innovation.

Solar-Log had releases three new monitoring devices in 2013, this is just one example of the product development highlights from Solar Data Systems.

What makes it unique?
The core element of cross-vendor monitoring system is the Solar-Log ™ data logger which is connected directly to the respective inverter/s and reports error messages and returns immediately by SMS or e-mail to the operator. The second element - the Solar-Log ™ WEB, graphically represents the yeilds on an integrated web interface or via an internet portal. In addition to the Solar-Log ™ monitoring system provides numerous supplements that support and enable worldwide service for operators and installers effectively.

The Solar-Log ™ system is characterized by:
1. High customer value, easy operation and a multilingual menu
2. Universal application without costly software installation
3. Inverter-independent and supports over 80 different inverter manufacturers
4. The yield and system data are presented clearly and easily understood.
5. The yield analysis at any time locally, over the Internet or via mobile access.
6. Solar-Log ™ PM + meets all the legal requirements in the area of ​​active and reactive power control.
7. Solar-Log ™ offers options for optimum control of the clients own power and self consumption.

Brochures and technical information is available for download HERE

Current Models:

Solar-Log 200

The simple plant monitoring system for smaller house installations

Solar-Log 500
The ideal data logger for small and medium-sized plants with up to ten inverters

Solar-Log 1000

Monitoring at the highest level for plants with up to 100 inverters