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When it comes to designing and manufacturing solar mounting systems, few companies have nearly 20 years of manufacturing and technological experience as offered by Schletter.

Schletter offers innovative solar mounting systems for all projects including utility scale, commercial and/or residential solar projects. Each solar mounting system can be individually designed for a cost-effective photovoltaic mounting solution in utility-scale ground mounted systems, commercial or residential sloped-roof systems as well as flat-roof systems. In addition to mounting options for nearly any type of roof, Schletter offers PV carport systems, solar lighting, vehicle charging stations and more. When offered with Frankensolar suite of world leading products Schletter will help ensure a solution that is second to none.

For residential solar instillations Schletter manufacturers attractive roof and ground solar mounting systems designed for easy-install.

For large-scale systems, Schletter offers products with varying load capacity and modular designs that speed up installation time and reduce costs.

For large solar fields dedicated to generating maximum power, Schletter's utility systems offer a variety of design options and load capabilities.

Solar Mounting Systems

Schletter offers cost-effective engineered solutions for all market types, including the Ontario FIT program. Call your Frankensolar Representative now to see what Schletter can offer you to ensure the mounting will outlast your Ontario FIT lifetime!

Roof Top

Flush Mounting System

altSchletter's Standard Flush Mount Systems are easy to install, cost-effective, and the most versatile roof solutions in the industry.

1: Schletter can help you safely secure PV modules to nearly any roof type, regardless of the installation zone’s wind and snow load requirements. Select from a variety of roof attachments based on roof material and pitch.

For example, trapezoidal sheet metal roofs use Schletter’s Fix2000 or Single Fix-V. For asphalt shingle or tile, select from a variety of Schletter’s standard roof hooks or enjoy partner products sold by Schletter including Quick Mount PV® and EcoFasten® flashed roof attachments which are compatible with Schletter systems. For standing seam roofs – in addition to the Schletter 503 clamp, we offer S-5!® Clamps, also compatible with Schletter components.

2: Directly connect to the roof attachments using Schletter’s unique KlickTop connector, which greatly speeds the connection time of module rails to roof attachments. Select from the standard Solo05 rail, the Profi05 rail with integrated wire management or the ProfiPlus05 for more roof clearance (also depending on snow/load requirements). When additional pitch is needed on low-pitch roofs, the FixZ Series offers an additional 7 or 15 degrees of module tilt.

3: There is no faster way of clamping modules than the ETL listed Rapid2+ Clamp. Simply snap the clamp into the rail and tighten to quickly and easily mount modules to a Schletter Flush Mount System.

GridNorm™ Mounting System

Flush mount solution for connecting modules in portrait or landscape position. Horizontal rails connect to the roof structure with vertical cross rails clicking into place with KlickTop© connections.

Windsafe™ System alt

The Windsafe System is a non-penetrating ballasted solution for flat roofs with a flexible design allowing for a choice of module tilts from 10 to 45 degrees. The system may be installed with the Compact Vario or Compact Grid mounting system.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-penetrating or penetrating solution
  • Flexible design with choice of fixed module tilt angle
  • Load optimized through wind tunnel tests
  • Nearly 70% pre-assembled resulting in reduced installation time
  • IBC code compliant

The Windsafe System is the result of proven technology developed with thorough wind dynamics testing as well as practical hands-on field experience. The system is load optimized with wind deflectors on each row of racks, deflecting the air while reducing ballast weight as well as overall system load on the roof. The choice of a fixed module tilt ranging from 10 to 45 degrees provides the option to compare the system’s total annual power production and/or maximize panel concentration on the roof.

In addition to various tilt options, the Windsafe System offers versatility in accommodating different module sizes and row configurations. Manufactured and delivered up to 70% pre-assembled, the Windsafe System is equipped with triangle supports that are outfitted with a KlickTop™ cross beam connector. The connectors are in the exact position required for the module being used to ensure efficient on-site assembly.


Ideal for industrial buildings with wide spans and membrane roof construction.


Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for industrial membrane roofs and special construction
  • Support widths of up to 33 ft (10 m)
  • Reduced load onto the roof substructure
  • Direct load transfer into the supporting structure of the building
  • Minimal roof penetration points

Areas of Application

Membrane roofs of industrial buildings are usually composed of a substructure with large grid spans (16 – 25 ft) and a relatively soft roof covering. Both the structural dimensioning of the roofs and the maximum allowable load are so low that fastening solar modules is often thought to be impossible.

IsoTop is the solution for supporting solar mounting structures on low load membrane roofs of industrial buildings. The standard IsoTop unit assembly system works with most industrial roofs yet can be completely customized for individual applications. Schletter provides consulting for the planning of the system in order to determine the most economic and design appropriate solution.

For planning, Schletter uses a proprietary structural analysis program, offering solutions quickly and inexpensively. Usually, the design constructions are performed with only a few penetration points. These penetration points can be welded by a professional roofer reliably and cost effectively.

Ground Mounted

The FS System™ alt

Offering durability, ease of installation, and a high level of pre-assembled parts, the FS System offers the same materials and design flexibility that is available in a utility-scale project. The choice of a wide range of module configurations for any module type, provides an excellent site fit for tight areas. The typical residential system size uses concrete footers designed and engineered by Schletter.

Features and Benefits

  • ETL Classified
  • High level of pre-assembled parts
  • Proven extremely short installation time
  • High quality and sustainable materials
  • Easily accessible for ground and system maintenance
  • Included certified engineering by professional engineer licensed in the location of the project
  • Included soil tests and pull out tests on systems larger than 250 kW
  • Options for in field adjustment, if needed

The Schletter FS System has a proven worldwide product and installation history, with over 6 GW of ground mount systems installed throughout the world and many FS installations ranking among the largest globally.

Project specific system calculations and optimized material utilization address the ever-increasing need to reduce costs in planning PV systems, taking into account balance of system (BoS). Complete structural calculations are provided for the system design, while assuring compliance with current building codes and regulations.

The FS System offers a culmination of experience and the highest level of inhouse pre-fabrication to date, while always maintaining the focus of making the overall cost of a PV system more competitive. The result is an attractive system installed quickly, efficiently, and with the durability to last.


Setting on concrete foundations, the PvMax is ideal for small to mid-sized PV plants and where the soil is very rocky or very unstable.


Features and Benefits

  • Corrosion resistant; made of 100% aluminium
  • Stable and highly durable
  • Complete structural analysis including foundation calculation with attachment recommendation
  • Cost effective project planning
  • Short mounting time with partial pre-assembled support kits

The PvMax3 system uses proven technology and design based on previous Schletter ground mount photovoltaic systems incorporating components from the IsoTop and FS Systems. The result is hundreds of megawatts installed to date.

When designing PVMax3, our engineers considered the demands of areas which receive high wind and snow loads, while keeping cost reduction in mind. Due to efficient material utilization, the Schletter engineers were able to reduce screwed connection points while maximizing spans. In addition, years of field experience with the product as well as customer feedback added to the further development of the PVMax3 system. This combined effort resulted in the PVMax3, a robust system that can handle demanding application environments, without demanding high costs.

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