Deger Single Axis Trackers producing up to 20% more

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Mounting solutions in the photovoltaic industry are changing, the same way inverter concepts and panel efficiencies are improving over time. DEGERenergie has been a partner with Frankensolar Americas since Frankensolar started its operation in North America back in 2011 and DEGERenergie has recently implemented an east-west single axis tracking system for the North American market; the DEGERtracker S60H.

DEGERtrackers are “designed in Germany”- and stand for quality and durability. Depending on the application, the Deger-S60H mounts about twenty-four 60 cell modules. Based on simulations as well as production reports of single axis trackers installed in Europe, modules on the S-60H will produce about 20% more than modules installed on a fixed racking solution at 30 degree tilt. Just like the DEGER D60 and D100, which are the most installed Trackers in Canada, the S60H uses DEGER’s MLD-Technology. The MLDTechnology focuses the trackers on the brightest spot in the sky and thus optimizes the production of the tracker compared to traditional GPS trackers.

With dropping prices on Photovoltaic Solar Modules as well as inverters, mounting solutions are becoming a larger portion of the overall system cost. This means that while we keep seeking to improve the performance of the overall system, it has to be done on a smaller budget. The DEGERenergie S-60H does just that by adding 20% more production at a similar budget to most fixed ground mount solutions.